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"Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how impressed I am with the log skidder.  This tool works better than advertised and has saved me a ton of time and wear and tear on my back :-). "

Bahama, NC  




"Just wanted to share a couple photos of the guys using the log skidder with our Kubota farm tractor.

log skidder pulling a 42 foot power pole

We used it to move some power poles we had on the farm before we took it to the tree farm in California.

log skidder pulling a 42 foot power pole

That was a 42 ft long power pole. Made it very easy to move.

log skidder pulling a 42 foot power pole

The guys said it worked great and was very easy to use!"

Lynn & Laurie
Tangent, Oregon



" I am happy to report that I was able to send a full load of lodgepole house logs to the mill this week, and your grapple tongs [log-skidder attachment] worked great. Attached are two pictures from early in the week."

Cat-1 3-pt log skidder photo

Cat-1 3-pt log skidder photo

Troy, Montana



"For the convenience and performance, it paid for itself!"

Lynden, Washington



"We used your skidder attachment last weekend to begin clearing our woods of the tree tops after having 130 trees logged off this winter. My 84 year old father drove the tractor and I ran the chainsaw. After 5 hours we pulled out 40 logs some from tough places to get to. Dad only had to get off the tractor twice to get unhooked from some weird shaped crooked logs. We discussed after how we liked the attachment and both agreed it works awesome.

Thanks for a great product that's 100 percent safer, faster and easier to use than our old method of skidding logs.

Couldn't be happier with it."

Argyle, Wisconsin



"Just wanted to tell you how much I love the log skidder I bought from you this winter.  I have been using it to haul fire wood from my property this spring, and it is worth its weight in gold.  Previously I was either cutting in place, or dragging with a chain, and this is so much easier and better.  No more logs completely covered in dirt to ruin a chain, and the larger logs are so much easier to move now.  Thanks again!

Log skidder in action.

Here is a picture of the log skidder in use. Really pushed it and my tractor to the max with these two!"

Grand Haven, Michigan



"Just a quick note to say thank you for such a well thought out and designed product. Over the last couple weeks I have put your product through some terrible abuse. I have harvested somewhere between 50 & 75 thousand board feet of big fir and larch using only your tong skidding system on the back of a John Deere 110." (photograph below).

Cat-1 3-point Log skidder attachment on John Deere tractor

"My only limitations were that of the tractor. The learning curve for setting the tongs and detaching them was about an hour. It just flat out works and that is so uncommon these days. Many logs were upwards of 24" on the butt and still over 14" on the top at 37' in length. These are as big a logs as you find in the mill these days and all were skidded up hill and down in the very tight spaces around my house with no problem. I am still just shocked at how well the product worked."

Cat-1 3-point Log skidder attachment

"The only malfunction we had was one ready link on a centering chain that had come loose and eventually popped. I hit the replacement and the others with a bit of blue loc-tite and no problems since. What a great product.

Thanks again for a great product. I will share your product and info with my local contacts and agencies that I think could really benefit from this product. Thanks again."

Kettle Falls, Washington



"Used it today for the 1st time. Super easy to use! I love it!! I've just uploaded a movie to YouTube!"

You can check it out here to see his first use of the log skidder attachment:

West Chesterfield, New Hampshire



"Thank you for a great product. I recently purchased your log skidder attachment. I used it to skid 20 to 30 pine trees with my 48 hp Kubota. The logs were all dead standing trees so they were light.  I was amazed at what I was able to move with it and how easy it is to use. I broke a couple of the turnbuckle links of the chain but that is an easy fix. Here is a pic of my operation (below).

Troutdale, Oregon


Kubota and SWLT log skidder in ponderosa pine forest

Ponderosa forest east of Klamath Falls, Oregon



"Spent the afternoon yarding and the set up worked like a charm. I didn't get off the tractor except for several times when the logs were broken up and there wasn't much to grab. One time, on release, the small chain at the bottom got hung up on a knot when sliding forward. It is a terrific tool and will save me much time and effort. Good Job!"

Logsdon, Oregon



"I have received the log skidder and who ever does your packing and shipping needs a raise, I don't think the skidder could had been damaged even if it was air dropped. Skidder went together great and all parts where there, nice paint job also. I have not used the Skidder yet but chomping at the bit to get it up to the property. Great product and service, you have a winner here.

I did try the Skidder out and it worked great. Pulled trees from out of the woods to burn pile, great product." (See photograph below)

Hubert, North Carolina

Cat-1 3-point log skidder attachment photo



"The Cat 1 log skidder was one of the first attachments I purchased for my B 2620 Kubota. I have owned the log skidder for 3 years. The skidder is the first attachment that I hook up each spring and the last piece of equipment to be taken off before the tractor goes into storage in the late fall. It has turned out to be a very wise investment as the skidder is a very simple attachment to hook up, never breaks down, and never requires anything more than just a shot of grease on the tongs. The skidder is a huge workhorse work horse that saves time and money when it comes to woodlot management and processing firewood. I recommend this attachment to anyone from homeowner to professional."

Whitefield, Maine



"I'm very happy with it. Have had no problems. It does a wonderful job - one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in my shop."

Mollala, Oregon



"I'm still developing my operating skill for pick up and release. I used it today to lift a couple of small leaners off the stump and pull them away until the tree fell. Using the tongs was a big improvement over my arch and chain.

Just a quick note to let you know the beefed up spikes are doing the job! The more I use the skidder the more I like it! Thanks for your help & service."

Woodland, Washington



"I am using this on a 51hp Kubota.  I am very pleased with the skidder. It sure beats a chain to drag logs out of the woods. It has worked fine on logs down to the 5" range (Whole trees actually as I am clearing a building site) but you just have to grab the log just so. Still a very satisfied customer."

Midland, Michigan



"I received the skidder yesterday and assembled it last night.  It went together pretty easily.  I'll put it on the tractor and try it today.  It's all really well constructed and your packing was perfect.  There was not a mark on anything.

I moved a couple logs last night with no problem….It worked just as advertised, very quick learning curve.  I think I need to take a couple links out of the bottom chain that attaches to the tractor draw bar, to keep the chain from dragging on the ground. Otherwise fine, I'm really happy with it.  

Skidder and trailer hitch are still working well.  We use the trailer hitch a lot.  The fact that it extends the hitch point well behind the tractor makes turning with a trailer very easy and it’s very easy to steer the trailer.  The hitch is quick & easy to attach & detach from the skidder assembly.  I’d recommend it for anyone purchasing the log skidder."

Sandpoint, Idaho



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